How To Use Google Ads Marketing

How To Use Google Ads Marketing?

Online ads are everywhere on the internet. Online advertising company in malaysia ads influence the shopping trends of customers to a large extent. The web offers a wide range of rich media tools, extensive reach, and interactive services to the advertisement business. Google is the most used search engine among all search engines on the web. Google ads are one of the popular advertising platforms that offer a variety of google ads marketing tools and services to make relevant and interactive ads and place ads on the web and helps in generating sales and leads.

10 Digital Marketing Tips for Law Firms - Good2bSocialHow do Google Ads work?

Google ads work on the PPC (Pay per click) advertising model. The advertiser places bids to display the ads on the web. The payment is calculated by the number of clicks on a specific ad. It places ads on search engines like google search and mobile apps. So, whenever your target audience searches for any product or service like yours on Google, the ads will show up in their devices.

5 Digital Marketing Benefits That Every Business Should Know in 2018 and Beyond - RelevanceAre Google Ads credible enough?

The answer is a big YES! Google ads One Search Pro Online Digital Marketing are highly credible and reliable. Some of the key benefits of google ads are:

  • Google ads offer various options for targeting, such as location, age, language, day, time, type of devices, etc.
  • The payment model is sorted. There are no minimum or maximum charges. You need to pay according to the number of clicks received on your ad.
  • You can easily measure your performance. Various analytics tools are designed to analyze and monitor your ad performance.
  • The flexibility is high in google ads marketing. You can even turn your online traffic off and on as per your requirements.

How do I use google ads marketing for my business?

Here are a few steps you need to follow, to begin with, google ads.

  • To set up google ads, the first thing you need to do is visit the Google Ads site and click on ‘Start Now.’ If you already have your ad copy, you will be asked to go through some steps to get your ad running on google.
  • Once your ad is submitted, you must link Google Analytics to your website. This will help you to track the online traffic on your page, measure conversions, setting goals, etc.
  • The next thing is to add UTM (Urchin Tracking Code) code. These codes track the activities associated with a specific link. You can add the code on the Campaign level, so you don’t have add specifically for each ad URL.
  • You can also set-up conversion tracking to get the exact number of leads from your ad campaign.

This was all about setting up your ad on google. Once you are done with this process, the next important step, i.e., Bidding, comes into the picture. The rank of your ad depends on the bid you place and the keywords. There are two kinds of Bidding

  • Automated Bidding: In this type, the bids are placed and adjusted automatically by google based on your competitor’s bids.
  • Manual Bidding: Here, the power is in your hands. You can decide the keywords and the bid amounts as per your requirements.

Google ads are truly an effective medium to get your great business exposure and to get greater returns. Optimizing the ads accordingly and using the proper keywords and bids will surely help your business grow and excel.